A Word from the MD

Katani Ltd is the great sisal company in East Africa and the wolrd wide as sisal fibre primary producer of sisal products, marketer and sisal contract farming manager and producer and distributor of renewable energy. It also has a minority shareholding in a heifer breeding Company. with its head quarters at Katani House in Tanga City.

It acquired a hundred percent shareholding in a privatized company (MGC) from the Government of Tanzania at privatization of the state-owned Tanzania Sisal Authority. The company is owned by eighty Tanzanian professionals in the sisal industry through the Mkonge Investment and Management Company (MIM), some local investors through Afrika Mpya Ltd and the National Social Security Fund (NSSF).

Our Vision

To create a vibrant world class sisal enterprise which contributes significantly to the economy of Tanzania

Our Mission

To transform and diversify the company for higher growth and return to all stakeholders

Our Motto

Getting Ahead and Staying Ahead [GASA] of the competition through creativity, innovation, high quality and efficiency

Our Core Values

  • Triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Respect for customers, shareholders, suppliers, management, and fellow workers
  • Adherence to law, ethical standards and international norms
  • Zero tolerance for corruption and dishonesty
  • Discipline, hard work, productivity and innovativeness
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