Kilimo Engineering Systems Company Limited (KeS)

Kilimo Engineering Services (KeS) previously operated as Kataniís Central Workshop providing land preparation, fabrication and engineering backstopping services for Kataniís five estates in Korogwe District and the spinning and weaving factory at Ngomeni in Muheza District.

These services will continue in the coming years but because the farmers on the estates and the spinning and weaving factory are free to choose who their service provider should be they have to provide the services competitively.

Achievements and Challenges

Most of the human resources were inherited along with the infrastructure and equipment which has recently been refurbished through the NSSF loan. As such the personnel bring to KeS considerable experience in land preparation, machine parts fabrication, engineering backstopping, dam and road construction through projects they have undertaken in collaboration with various agencies and organisations before.

The following strategic goals and objectives were set for KeS in the first five years of the strategic plan:

  • Increase profitability by offering cost effective competitive services to SISO, Estates, TANCORD and other clients and register KeS as a construction company
  • Generate new sources of revenue through new products, new markets and new partners
  • Increase capital asset utilization by strengthening its asset management
  • Produce high volume, quality products and services at competitive prices
  • Differentiate and diversify products, services and markets based on in-depth understanding of the market
  • Implement monitoring and evaluation of management and business performance
  • Reduce production and overhead costs
  • Maximize quality by establishing and implanting strong quality management and control
  • Understand, manage and improve quality and quantity of supplies by negotiating with suppliers for reliable supplies
  • Establish high performance culture by introducing performance management system
  • Enable efficiency through application of ICT
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